Random Zbrushing – Wednesday – Insect Part 3

•April 23, 2014 • Leave a Comment

029_maxWednesday Wednesday….We are back to the the insect day. I wasn’t able to work on this last week and I wouldn’t let that happen today.

Today I further research on the coconut crab and I realize the body of the crab is heavy at the front leg and small light in the back. Also the back body is tuck inward. Although the concept doesn’t really have the giant claw at the front. I thought it can be real cool to have it.Β  Now the globe at the bottom of the body looks a bit too small now. I will have to adjust that more.Β  Let me know what you think πŸ™‚



Random Zbrush Tuesday – Android part 5

•April 22, 2014 • Leave a Comment

unnamed7Hello zbrusher! Welcome Tuesday!!! today I was pretty much stuck with using Marvelous designer to work on the cloth. The result looks pretty good. But I think I will continue to play around with the setting. It’s quite time consuming to adjust the fold in Marvelous. After I brought it back to zbrush to dynames and readjust, it looks like it lose a lot of details…..anyhow The more I look at this model the more places I find that I want to change.Β  This is part 5 of the updates….which mean I’m on this model for a month now…..sort of. I will try to sped up the process once I’m done with freelance works. Right now I can only spare around 1 hour in the morning before work -_- Enjoy your Tuesday πŸ™‚




Random Zbrushing Monday – Fish Creature

•April 21, 2014 • Leave a Comment

878_maxHappy Monday!! Hope everyone have a great Easter πŸ™‚

Today I decided to choose this fish creature concepts design by, Stephen Oakley. The design is very simple yet have tons of personality in there. Stephen’s design is very clear yet it gives a tons of freedom to the 3d designer to expand on the design.

On the sculpt, since the concept is on the side way. I was able to get the side profile down pretty quickly. Looking down the line, I will certainly make all those fin as individual pieces. I definitely need to look up some reference on the fish body :/

Let me know what you think…..


Random Zbrushing – Friday – Tiger Monster edition

•April 18, 2014 • 1 Comment

284_maxHere we are Friday!!!!! Finally another week is over. Hope all you guys have a nice Good Friday and Easter!!!! Today I actually got some good amounts of time to work on Zbrushing…..so I ended up choosing this cool game character concept. Unfortunately I can’t seem to be able to find the artist who design it. I know I got the concepts from CGHub. But it just got close last week….so base on google image search, it’s eitherΒ Kenji Bliss or Yana Glotova. I can’t seem to find this artwork on their personal website….. So I am not even sure if it is from them T_T. In any case, it looks like a Korean online game called Chaos Online. Unfortunately I don’t read Korean. If I do, i might be able to understand the concept much better.

In any case, below is what I ended up creating. Usual routine with sphere, dynamesh, insert sphere, and dynamesh even more. Once I established a pretty decent form, I will try to zremesh the model to get a much cleaner topology. For now, it looks pretty good for one hour of sculpt….let me know what you think πŸ™‚



Random Zbrushing – Thursday – Cowboy edition 3

•April 17, 2014 • Leave a Comment

389_largeHello to the weekend!!! Unfortunately I wasn’t able to sculpt yesterday, due to some of the freelance works. But I’m back on this today….Although I only spent around 30 minutes today.

So since I didn’t get much of time today, I want to focus more on the the lower body. I spent some time on the boots, pants, belt, and gun holsters. Really wish I can have more time to work on the model…..anyway happy weekend and Easter πŸ˜€



Random Zbrushing – Tuesday – Human/Android Part 4

•April 15, 2014 • Leave a Comment

unnamed7Hello Tuesday!! Today we are back to the android dude. I spent some time to adjust the cloth, but still not not really a fan with it…..Think I will approach it differently.

Now looking at the again, well have to adjust the face a bit more. it still look a bit too human like. I was thinking to work on the mouth a little more and same apply to the brow area. This is probably a slow process, but I will keep on working on it.

oooo, I can’t help it but liquify the face a little in photoshop. Just to see how it look….I like the result, definitely going to apply that into the model.



Radom Zbrushing – Monday – Cartoon Turtle

•April 14, 2014 • Leave a Comment

ConceptHere we go for another week. Start off the week, I decided to go with a cute and simple character….The concept is done by Alex Vinogradov (aka Grapemonkey).

So as usual with the sculpt. I am actually not quite confident with simple shape character. Anyhow, here is what I ended up with…. I am not quite in love with the sculpt ofΒ  the face, especially with the eye T_T Let me know what you think


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