Random Zbrushing – Tuesday – Android Part 7

unnamed7Hello zbrusher, it’s been awhile since last update. I have been quite busy with the freelance work…usually staying up too late and ended up not able to work on any zbrush project.

Anyway, so I am back today and it’s tuesday android day 🙂  Today I was mostly focusing on the face, I really want to get it as close to the reference as possible. I went back down to lower division and readjust the face structure. Looking at it now side by side, I think I am still pretty far off. I finish off render it in zbrush and put together in photoshop. Here are some of parts I will definitely need to address next time I’m working on this dude,

  • Definitely need to open up the eye area more. Right now it’s too narrow.
  • Cheek bone need more curvature toward downward. Gravity effects!!
  • Eye bag need to be a bit more indent inward and sack.  Again gravity effects!!!
  • Structure of the face need to be readjust more.  Need to be more squeeze inward. Flow the curve of the face on the right side of the reference.
  • the glabella need to be tighter.
  • supraobital process(eyebrow bone area) and the frontal bone/forhead have a better change of direction. It’s more curvature in the reference too.
  • Nose need to be a touch thinner and longer.
  • Frontal process of maxilla section have a clear cut of change direction in between the nasal bone in the concept not in the render.
  • minor alar cartilage have a cut of change direction, little off in the render.
  • lips need to be wider
  • hair need more variation in there, up and down
  • Mech of the ear need more detail
  • Jacket need to be refine and look more like the concept.

Did I missed anything? Let me know what you think 🙂 It’s good to be back on the zbrush!!



~ by jcecko on May 20, 2014.

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