1YR Project – JULY – Week 2 – Day 5

Welcome back from the July 4th weekend!!! Hope all of you got some nice days off with some nice firework :D……I am sorry I wasn’t able to get on the blog for quite some times. It had been a bit brutal for passed couple days T_T I got a bit sidetracked on building my new computer and helping my teacher with a video testimonial (will talk more about it in another thread). But I am back today 🙂

Here are couple snap test renders I was manage to squeeze out today morning. I got to do a bit more sculpting on the Quadcarrier and a quick color texture pass……..I usually like to do a quick color texture on the creature while im still in sculpting mode. This prevent me not spending too much time on the sculpting detail and also trigger me to think about how I would attack on the higher detail of the model.



Here are some of the feedback I got from my friends 😀
That’s a sweet, chunky beast! Only thing I can see is maybe take a look at the hind leg where it meets the tail. The only reason I notice is from the webinar Scott Hartman did for his class – I think it’s still up at visualarium. Unless there are other – more passive tails? – Kara Marfia

The only thing i might suggest is maybe changing the structure of the hind leg a little. its kinda related to what kara was saying as well. this might give ya an idea for the hind leg. http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=hippo&view=detail&id=19FFBDF14B103DCFFF05D57D29BEFD2627121B7E&first=1Also this might also help with region and bone structure. skeletal structure for the chameleon may also be kind of a good study as well. http://www.flickr.com/photos/unforth/3191950380/– Jack W Sellers

* Couple things I probably need to address soon

  • More passive tails?
  • More definite hind legs or rework on it.
  • Refer some of the quad-pad skeleton on the hind legs.
  • Higher details

~ by jcecko on July 10, 2012.

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